You Model and Act

Turning Your Dream of Being a Star into a Reality

Becoming an acting or modeling star is a common dream among many young people today. This is due largely in part to the glamorous appeal of these jobs and the large amount of money you can make from them. You see celebrities on tv and in magazines wearing fabulous clothes, driving fancy cars, and living in luxurious houses -- Who wouldn't want to live the life of the rich and famous?! Some young people do have luck on their side and are just "discovered," seemingly overnight, but it's not quite that simple and even they know that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become the best actor or model they can be. Modeling and acting jobs are really fun and cool, but you must be willing to work hard to turn your dream of becoming a star into a reality.

Preparing for the Job

It is important that anyone who wants to become a model or actor do their homework first before deciding to enter the business. You want to make sure that either is really right for you. Once you have decided that you want to pursue a career in acting or modeling, you can now start to prepare your self for the job. This is extremely important because if you want to land a job, you need to know how to audition. Every actor must first audition for a part on a tv show, movie, or modeling job that suits them, before they can book the job.

One of the best ways to prepare yourself for auditions is to join an acting class in a trusted and respected acting school near your area. Do research on the school and find out if they offer classes that are suitable for your age. However, most schools offer classes for kids and teens. Acting jobs are very competitive, so being armed with the right and excellent acting training will greatly improve your chances of getting picked for the job.

On the other hand, if you are interested in modeling jobs, you can prepare your self by attending the appropriate workshops and training courses in a well-known modeling school that has a reputation of producing a lot of working models. Just make sure that they are offering teen modeling or child modeling courses because some schools only cater to teens and adults and some only concentrate on kid modeling courses. You could also take a particular type of modeling course like Print Modeling or Runway modeling courses. You can learn all the things that you will need in these classes that will get you ready for your first modeling gig.

Looking for Acting and Modeling Jobs

Once you have finished all the necessary preparations, it is now time to actually find some acting and modeling jobs. Getting signed with a good talent agency will help increase your chances of landing great acting and modeling jobs. Acting agents will inform their actors about movie, tv, and commercial auditions when a role comes up that is right for them. Casting Directors often consult with some of their trusted acting agencies to find fresh faces and new talented individuals with great potentials of making it big in the business. Acting agents have an eye for looks and talent, so you'll have to give your best when meeting with them to get signed.

Models, on the other hand, will sign with a modeling agency that will act as their manager and will find appropriate jobs for them. Agents will notify you about the latest model search or open calls that are suitable for you. Clients usually send the requirements to these modeling agencies, especially if they need new models for their ads. These requirements will include the age bracket, gender, and look they are going for. The agent will then search their pool of talent for the models that match the criteria, and send them out on the audition.

Auditioning is typically the hardest part of getting a job. This is where you must prove to everyone in charge that you are the one they are looking for. Choosing the right actor or model for the job is not limited to a pretty face and a slender body. People in charge of selecting the best candidate will be more concerned about the talents and skills of each applicant, and how well they represent the role or product-- keeping this in mind while preparing for an audition is really important.

Your agent may give you some sides or a script to read before an audition. You will either be asked to memorize lines or just familiarize yourself with the material before going on the audition. Make sure you follow their instructions and advice carefully because failure to do that will create an impression that you don't have any clue about the word 'professionalism,' which is valued so much in the world of acting and modeling. You should show that you can perform all tasks assigned to you and that you know how to follow instructions. You might have a great look and incredible talent, but if you do not take your work seriously, it will be difficult to make it in the industry.

In Choosing Talent Agencies

Make sure that the talent agency you sign with is a known and respected one. Because there are a lot of people hoping to become a star, lots of phony talent agencies have popped up over the years with the sole purpose of taking advantage of people who are eager to reach their dreams. Before signing up with any talent agency, you should first do a background check on them, which is very easy to do these days thanks to modern technology, like the internet. Most reputable, legitimate agencies will first require you to read a monologue or sides from a script for them. A talent agent may approach you in malls or other public places, but you should still go through this process.

Be very careful who you choose to work with. Find a company like the John Casablancas network that have been in business over thirty years. They will help increase your chances of becoming an actor or a model and will bring you closer to achieving your dreams.